Best HockeyChristmas Gifts

The Best Hockey Christmas Gifts of 2015

      Buttendz Hockey Grips: Buttendz have taken over the hockey world and are the hottest item on the market today! With a Buttendz grip there is no need to tape the top of your stick. They provide a softer but tackier feel than tape, which allows players to store more energy in their stick. Choose from a variety of colors on our site.


              Hockey Equipment Bag: The ideal gift for any youth hockey player looking for a light easy carry hockey bag. With side mounted skate pockets and two zippered accessory space, the Tron XR8 backpack has enough room for all your needs. Available in Black/Orange and in Black/Red.


                      DR Mini Street Kit 34 in: Play for hours on end with the DR Mini Street Kit! It has everything you need to play mini sticks in the house with a hockey net, mini sticks, “holie goalie” and a ball.


                              Tron X Series Composite Hockey Sticks:
                                Becoming the favorite stick of many hockey players around the world, the Tron X series composite sticks offers top of the line features at an affordable price point. Sticks weigh between 425 to 430 grams and are known for their long lasting durability.


                                      Tuff n Lite Pro Thin Cut Socks: Protect yourself on the ice with the Tuff n Lite socks. The biggest name in the cut resistant sock category, the Tuff n Lite socks have been worn by some of the biggest names in the game.

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