2017 BestChristmas Stocking

All under 10$!

      Hespeler Deodorizing Puck:

      Small puck shaped deodorizer that fights the awful sweaty smell of sports equipment. Can be used in sport bags, gym and in school lockers.


              Tron True Weight Hockey Training Ball:

              Small 6 ounce training ball used for building hand speed, wrist strength, and hand eye coordination. Ideal for dry-land training on a smooth, paved surface, such as a driveway.


                      Hespeler Waxed Hockey Skate Laces: Hespeler Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

                      Waxed hockey skate laces that provide an easy lace up with minimum effort. The reinforced molded tip helps prevent against the wear and tear of the regular season. Available in 72, 84, and 96 inch.


                              Wet Gear Odor Terminator:
                                A professional quality deodorizing spray that is effective for all sports equipment and lockers.  Eliminates obnoxious odors caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus and replaces them with a fresh scent that is not a masking agent. Completely safe, biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.


                                      Tron Powerflex Stretchable & Gauze Hockey Tape:

                                      Create your custom grip by choosing between the stretchable and gauze hockey tape. Available in many colors.

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