Buttendz Flux Hockey Stick Grip

Buttendz Flux Hockey Stick Grip



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The Buttendz Flux Grip provides peak performance and a soft feel for Hockey & Lacrosse players of all ages. The original design that was being used in NHL games by Brandon Prust of the Montreal Canadiens, before it was ever available to the public. The FLUX has a tacky feel from the recessed BE tiling pattern throughout the shaft. Designed for the player that prefers a medium-sized knob for their top hand

In addition to its sleek style, the two-color Buttendz is composed of 100% Natural Rubber; bringing an end to abrasive, inconsistent, soggy hockey tape. Easy to apply and reusable!

The Buttendz Difference:
    Enhanced feel when stick handling.
    A consistent feel for your top hand, every time.
    Reduced grip pressure in the top hand; promoting harder, more accurate shots.
    Reduced vibration when shooting and receiving passes.
    Reduced wear to the palms of your gloves.
Each package contains 1 pre-filled adhesive spray bottleFits Junior, Intermediate, & Senior sticks

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