Buttendz Twirl Hockey Stick Grip


Buttendz Twirl Hockey Stick Grip



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The Buttendz Twirl Grip provides peak performance and a soft feel for Hockey & Lacrosse players of all ages. A new addition to the Buttendz arsenal, The TWIRL, incorporates 144 individually-raised pods to allow for a different grip and alternative feel to the FLUX. The TWIRL was designed for players seeking a smaller knob with the familiarity of the twirled tape job.

In addition to its sleek style, the two-color Buttendz is composed of 100% Natural Rubber; bringing an end to abrasive, inconsistent, soggy hockey tape. Easy to apply and reusable!

The Buttendz Difference:
    Enhanced feel when stick handling.
    A consistent feel for your top hand, every time.
    Reduced grip pressure in the top hand; promoting harder, more accurate shots.
    Reduced vibration when shooting and receiving passes.
    Reduced wear to the palms of your gloves.
Each package contains 1 pre-filled adhesive spray bottleFits Junior, Intermediate, & Senior sticks

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